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SOULutions for Results

Products are developed with integrity, love created with intentions for your HIGHEST Mental, Physical Spiritual Transformation. Life-enriching offerings evolved out of my creative excitement when I couldn t find what I wanted anywhere else. Only after extensive research tested for performance are exclusive treasures made public. I LOVE feeling nurtured and inspired by their consistent results. I am confident YOU WILL BENEFIT too.

Chakra & Color Energy Jewelry
limited editions--all hand-created with love

ALL Products - Available NOW
Call 941-276-8689 or Email us
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Hand-Crafted Artistry by Martha Hueter • Fimo Clay Artist

Intricate and complex layering and blending of various colors of polymer clay
 is used to produce Martha's exquisite beads. Every piece is unique work of art!
Designs are NOT painted - Art goes all the way through.

I LOVE how Martha stylized the traditional symbols and grew the chakra petals
so as the un-broken circle around your wrist is in constant evolution...

Flower Power Chakra
Chakra Beads
lay flat on wrist
bracelet is light & comfy!
with black trim - $39
without black trim - $39

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver OM charm (hand made exclusively for me in India)
with gem stone (with natural color variance), on multi-strand,
chakra-color ribbon with lobster-claw closure on lengthening chain clasp.

Look how much in catalog?
Ours is ONLY $20
and has gem & matching ribbon!

Please select GEM/Chakra-COLOR $20