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Jami Lin s Philosophy and Invitation

I m pretty much an open book thru sharing time-tested SOULutions
that fill my life with ease and grace.

My age is my best testimonial - I look happy for 60 plus, yes

As young as 3 years old, in my dreams, "I played with bald guys in orange robes."

Little did I know that the monks were my first adventure into Spiritual Pursuits
and quest for Cosmological Truths.

Naturally intrigued by the science of the "way things work,"
I ve always loved artistic expression through the human mind, body, and spirit.

My first "toy" was an easel so I could create next to Mom.

My passions for RESULT-ORIENTED Organic/Vegan Age-Reversing Skin Care,
Feng Shui / Interior Design and ColorAlchemy / Chakra Balancing,

I LOVE exploring Spiritual Philosophies especially my "Galactic Spirit"
based upon "Law of Time" Synchronicities.

These transformational commitments are based upon researched and
consistent Metaphysical Science not speculation or interpretation.

This zest has lead to award-winning books, praises from Deepak Chopra and
Aveda founder, teaching thousands of students, and international travel.

In deepest gratitude, I love exploring and benefitting with nature s perfection
along with the wisdom of the ages and sages.

For me, creation, creativity are expressions of primal birthrights.
Life is super fun with Creative Freedom and Inquisitive Wonder.

I love sharing and personally invite you experience results for yourself.

With my devotion to sharing knowledge and evolving consciousness,
because I LOVE "playing it forward," I invite you to extensive
complimentary offerings throughout my websites.